Embodied Evolution 

Embodied Evolution is a student design competition that investigates the fusion between fashion and form. The contemporary design environment has been influenced by the biology of human form and the synthetics of technological innovation. This competition calls for innovative ways for the body and clothing to interface as a single entity. Students will fabricate wearable prototypes, with innovative materials and hybrid media with emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship.

All student artists and designers are welcome to participate. Students may compete individually or in teams of up to three people. Interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged. Entries may be fabricated by any means necessary, but must be wearable.

(L)ABNormal is SCAD's student-run Digital Fabrication Club, exists for the purpose of exploring the design, process, and manipulation of material fabrication through digital means, and educating students in digital design techniques and systems. This year, (L)ABNormal is hosting its second annual Embodied Evolution design competition, the first, in 2014, being a massive success with over two hundred guests viewing the student work on display.

The winners and judges of 2014 

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